About Us

John Manning digital art photoI founded John Manning Photography in 1987 after having owned and operated a Michigan Avenue advertising agency and having won awards for creative excellence and having helped clients in various industries achieve marketing success.

As a result of my friendships with several successful fashion models and looking at their images as well as weekly trips with them to the bookstore looking through fashion magazines for their tearsheets, I developed a strong passion for outstanding fashion images. Soon I became interested in creating those images myself.

I've shot many thousands of models all over the world, and I learn something new with every shoot. I'm always on the prowl for new ideas to improve my work. It's all too easy for photographers with a lot of experience to get burned out. They develop a "signature style", which in effect means taking the same picture over and over again.

This is good for their marketing, but it offers clients a limited range of looks for their images, and sometimes results in images that are tired and not very effective. I fight this by keeping the fires of my passion stoked by pouring the fuel of new ideas, styles, and techniques onto the flames.

I have shot for many catalogs, posters, ads, websites, calendars, and CD covers. In addition to the photography and retouching, I have a lot of experience with print production and can assist clients with all aspects of production.

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