Fashion Photography

John Manning fashion photoFashion photography in Chicago is usually middle of road stylistically but sometimes "spiced" with more avant garde influences from the east and west coasts and even Europe.

We try to inform our work with the latest trends and influences by keeping abreast of current styles in the better international and cutting-edge fashion and culture publications and websites.

Our work is a fusion of classic and contemporary fashion photography with the exciting and constantly changing new looks resulting from new ideas of culture and expression which are married to technological innovations and breakthroughs, such as combining graphic illustrations with photos, high dynamic range imaging, non-traditional color palettes, etc.

The present world of fashion photography is an exciting new place with a lot of uncharted territory. This gives us the opportunity to make women, fashion, styling, hair and make-up sparkle and radiate beauty in interesting and ever changing ways.

We work with clients to create images that are just right for them and their needs. Aesthetic and artistic excellence is one of our highest goals, but at the same time we are always dedicated to producing fashion photography that works for our clients. T-shirt catalogs that sell t-shirts. Model shots that result in bookings for the models. Fashion photography is commercial art. It is art that is created to sell something and that is as important a goal for us as the artistic value.

We shoot both in the studio and on location, inside and out. We can put together a team of hair stylists, make-up artists, and wardrobe stylists when needed. We also offer expert digital retouching and compositing services to finish the images and make them look really special.

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