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catalog photography images• Highly Experienced. We've been shooting print and web fashion catalogs for more than 25 years. We've shot dresses, lingerie, swimsuits, t-shirts, jewelry, and accessories. We've also shot children's and men's fashions and footwear.

• Models & Production Team. We have access to lots of great models. Some have worked with us on other projects and some have asked to work with us. Usually we don't have to book talent through agencies, saving you money in agency and usage fees. We can put together a team of models, hair, make-up, and wardrobe stylists as needed. Great talent is available to us in Chicago at very affordable prices.

• Responsive to Client Needs. Each production is based on the needs and desires of the client. Some clients want a very produced or stylized look but others like to keep things clean and simple. Sometimes a client wants an edgy editorial look for certain key images and then a simpler catalog look for the bulk of the images. If you have an established look, we can produce our images accordingly. If you don't yet have a look or if you're trying to go in a new direction, we'll work with you before the shoot to develop a unique look that is just right for your merchandise. We have strong ideas of what looks good and what sells, but we realize we're working for our clients, who have more on the line than we do. So we avoid the attitude of the prima donna photographer that is so common in fashion photography.

• Studio & Location Shooting. We've shot fashions in the studio and on locations, inside and outside throughout the world, from Miami to Ireland. We know how to make both kinds of shooting work well.

• Post-production. Our retouching and other post-production services will make your fashion images in your catalog look upscale. It will look like they were produced with a very big budget and add to the prestige of your company. Everything about the images will look more appealing: Fashions, models, hair, make-up, styling, and photography.

Need to change the color of a dress or accessory? No problem. We'll fix it for you in post-production.
The model has a figure flaw or there's a problem with hair and make-up? We'll take care of it. There's something wrong with the fit? No problem.

• Images that sell. We are artists concerned with the aesthetics of the image. We want each of your images to look great. But we're also commercial, so we know that if the fashion photos we produce fail to sell merchandise, we have failed our client. As a result, many clients have told us that our fashion photography has increased their sales significantly.

• Affordability. We know all the tricks to keep the budget low without compromising quality of results. We do this mainly through time management, efficiency, and very competitive rates from all suppliers, including ourselves.

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