Glamour Photography

John Manning glamour photoOur studio has been creating and producing excellent glamour photography in Chicago since 1987.

There are many styles of glamour photography ranging from the style of old Hollywood and pin-up art that appeals to men and women alike to the sexy images in modern men's magazines like Maxim and FHM.

We use styling, shooting, and post-production techniques to make the women (and sometimes men) we shoot look attractive and exciting.

But when it comes to creating an exceptional and effective glamour photo, there's a lot more involved than just photographic technique.

There's a need to know what's attractive and sexy, and on how to translate it to the photograph. And even with the most provocative glamour images, there's a need for taste and artistic sensibility. When this is lacking, sexy, sultry, and "steamy" images can easily become merely sleazy.

Our clients use these images for advertising, catalogs, posters, etc. Some want our images for personal uses, such as calendars, posters, and portfolios for boyfriends and husbands, Some women want to create a personal record of their beauty and attractiveness before they get older.

We have a wide range of shooting styles and are always seeking new ideas and shooting styles and developing new techniques. Clients are encouraged to work with us in planning their shoots. Clients are always welcome to bring in ideas of their own inspiring by visual images they've seen in movies, books, magazines, and websites.

Be sure to visit our sample galleries, especially our Glamour Gallery.