Services We Offer

John Manning digital compositePhotography

We shoot digital hi-res images both in the studio and on location (inside & outside). We work with hair & make-up artists and wardrobe stylists and have a lot of experience in directing these professionals as well as models so everybody works together as a team for optimal results.

We've enjoyed a lot of excellent results when it comes to getting the right mood out of a model. Many models have told us that they've done their best work with us.

One of our specialities is catalog fashion photography. We've been shooting catalogs for 25 years both for print and internet. We've shot catalogs in the studio and on locations all over the world, We've done catalogs for dresses, lingerie, t-shirts, swimsuits, men's fashion, jewelry, and footwear.

Digital Retouching

We can solve almost any problem when it comes to retouching. This includes making improvements in hair and make-up (contouring eyebrows, adding false eyelashes, blending blush and eye shadow, correcting lips lines and fixing smudged lipstick, skin problems, strays and holes in the hair, etc.), wardrobe enhancement (removing wrinkles, improving fit, etc.), body contouring (enhancing body shape such as smaller waists and rounder butts), fixing problems with facial expressions and posing (improving smile, whitening teeth, fixing lip expression, etc.)

Special Effects

We can convert images to black-and-white, enhance contrast, apply partial colorization, toning, altered color palettes, changing lighting, such as turning day into night, etc. If you've seen an effect done in a magazine or website, we can probably do it.

Digital Compositing

Sometimes clients need to add an element to a photograph or take one out. Frequently a shot can be improved dramatically by changing backgrounds. In the pre-digital days we sometimes had to shoot winter catalogs in summer and vice versa, which was limiting and not easy. Right now this is easier than ever.

The shot above was a composite of a model shot with studio, daylight looking lighting in front of a piece of white studio paper. The Old Spanish Monastery background was shot in bright daylight in North Miami. They were combined in such a way to achieve a shadowy, moonlit night look.

Website Design & Development

We do HTML, Flash, and hybrid sites at affordable prices. We can make sites that look better and do the marketing better than sites done by typical web designers and developers. Designers care about the looks of a site, though most don't have a fashion sensitivity. Developers care about the functionality of the site, but care little about the looks. Neither group has much experience with marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEO) is about getting your site to the top of Google and other search engines when people search for your keywords. A good looking site can't do much of a job if people can't find it.

There are a lot of factors that go into search engine optimization, but the big factors are: page titles, headlines, and text with the correct percentages of keywords, structuring of the code, inbound links, etc. If you have a website and would like to improve it's performance, we can help.